Build your own robot car with the Raspberry Pi!

Build your own robot car with the Raspberry Pi!

This travel report is about my amazing USA West Coast road trip. We have been in 4 different stats: California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada with totally different impressions.

For all of you who are planning a roadtrip on the West Coast of the USA I really like to share my experience and give you some impressions about our roadtrip. As each road trip is unique everyone should create his 0wn route. However I really can recommend the route below_

On the map below you can see the entire route.

See entire map in googlemaps

  1. A. Start in San Francisco
  2. B. Monterey (Distance from A to B: 180 km / Time: 2h)
  3. C. Santa Maria (Distance from B to C: 280 km / 3,5h)
  4. D. Los Angeles (280 km / 3h)
  5. E. San Diego (200 km / 2h)
  6. F. Joshua Tree National Park (280 km / 3h)
  7. G. Tucson (630 km / 6,5h)
  8. H. Flagstaff (421 km / 4,5h)
  9. I. Grand Canyon National Park (130 km / 1,5h)
  10. J. Kayenta (250 km / 3h)
  11. K. From Monument Valley (35 km / Fahrtzeit 0,5h) to L. Hanksville (240 km / 3h)
  12. M. Bryce Canyon National Park (240 km / 3h)
  13. N. St. George (220 km / 2,5h)
  14. O. Las Vegas (200 km / 2h)
  15. P. Lone Pine (360 km /4,5h)
  16. Q. Visalia (377 km / 4h)
  17. From R. Sequoia & Kings-Canyon Nationalparks (85 km / 1,5h) to S. Yosemite Nationalpark (240 km / 3,5h)
  18. T. San Francisco (310 km / 4h)

The entire route is discribed in the following 4 posts:

Part 1: San Francisco, Monterey, Highway No. 1, Los Angeles, San Diego

Part 2: Joshua Tree National Park, Tucson, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon

Part 3: Kayenta, Monument Valley, Natural Bridges, Goblin Valley, Bryce Canyon

Part 4: Las Vegas, Death Valley, Sequoia und Kings Canyon National Park, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco

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