Roboter-Autos mit dem Raspberry Pi

Roboter Autos mit dem Raspberry Pi

This travel report is about my amazing USA West Coast road trip. We have been in 4 different stats: California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada with totally different impressions.

For all of you who are planning a roadtrip on the West Coast of the USA I really like to share my experience and give you some impressions about our roadtrip. As each road trip is unique everyone should create his 0wn route. However I really can recommend the route below_

On the map below you can see the entire route.

See entire map in googlemaps

  1. A. Start in San Francisco
  2. B. Monterey (Distance from A to B: 180 km / Time: 2h)
  3. C. Santa Maria (Distance from B to C: 280 km / 3,5h)
  4. D. Los Angeles (280 km / 3h)
  5. E. San Diego (200 km / 2h)
  6. F. Joshua Tree National Park (280 km / 3h)
  7. G. Tucson (630 km / 6,5h)
  8. H. Flagstaff (421 km / 4,5h)
  9. I. Grand Canyon National Park (130 km / 1,5h)
  10. J. Kayenta (250 km / 3h)
  11. K. From Monument Valley (35 km / Fahrtzeit 0,5h) to L. Hanksville (240 km / 3h)
  12. M. Bryce Canyon National Park (240 km / 3h)
  13. N. St. George (220 km / 2,5h)
  14. O. Las Vegas (200 km / 2h)
  15. P. Lone Pine (360 km /4,5h)
  16. Q. Visalia (377 km / 4h)
  17. From R. Sequoia & Kings-Canyon Nationalparks (85 km / 1,5h) to S. Yosemite Nationalpark (240 km / 3,5h)
  18. T. San Francisco (310 km / 4h)

The entire route is discribed in the following 4 posts:

Part 1: San Francisco, Monterey, Highway No. 1, Los Angeles, San Diego

Part 2: Joshua Tree National Park, Tucson, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon

Part 3: Kayenta, Monument Valley, Natural Bridges, Goblin Valley, Bryce Canyon

Part 4: Las Vegas, Death Valley, Sequoia und Kings Canyon National Park, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco

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